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How we are reducing the risk of you being scammed.

Because we offer such a personal service and spend time in getting to know our members, incidents of attempted scams are actually very low. This is reduced further because we offer a generous monthly allowance of free translation and letter forwarding. Therefore the need for any Russian lady to request financial help for these services is eliminated.

Nonetheless, over the years we have come across 5 cases where one member has deliberately tried to scam another. Considering we have over 3500 lady members and have brought many 100's of people together it's a very good record - but it's still 5 cases too many.

We take the prospect of our members being scammed very seriously and will instantly terminate the membership of any man or woman who uses their membership for any purpose other than to find a marriage partner.

Fortunately, spotting scams and scammers is usually not that difficult. And if you apply just a little common sense the chances of you getting caught out are really very low.

The important thing to remember is that a scammer is not there to develop a genuine meaningful relationship but to create a relationship they can exploit usually for money.

Therefore the best advice anyone can give is to -

Treat with suspicion any requests for money, especially from someone you have just started corresponding with and have not yet met.

Of course not every request for money is a scam, but it should be treated with suspicion and unless you are totally sure the request is genuine and for genuine reasons you should tell us about it using the form below -

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