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Personal introductions to russian women by Olga Edwards


Why are we recognised as the UK's most personal, flexible and most successful agency specialising exclusively in introducing men to beautiful russian women.


To be judged Number One by the most discerning and critical jury in the country, men who have tried not only us but have also contacted other agencies as well, then I'm sure you'll agree we must be offering something rather special.


Yet surprisingly, the key to our outstanding success is very simple. We don't boast massive resources, huge offices or massed banks of computers. We don't rely on a sprawling network of overseas agents or expensive international catalogues and videos to obtain details of eligible ladies who wish to be introduced to suitable men.


Rather, it is entirely the opposite. Olga Edwards Introductions is a small, exclusive, very personal family run business. Myself and my husband Kevin taking care of things over here, while members of my own family look after affairs in russia.


Let me introduce you to beautiful russian ladies from my homeland
who are longing to meet Western men.


Here in the West it is often quite difficult to meet suitable, unattached ladies for long-term relationships, especially if you are in a busy career, or maybe more mature, widowed or divorced. There's no doubt that here it is the russian women who choose the man they go out with.


In eastern europe however, the situation is quite the reverse. There, there is an abundance of beautiful, young and intelligent ladies eager to meet someone for a genuine loving relationship. And the reason for this is quite simple. Unlike the West, it is the females who outnumber the males, and so they find themselves in the same position as you do - wanting a partner but unable to find one.


Even better, they're more than willing to travel abroad to be with the man they're searching for, and unlike attitudes here, their outlook is also refreshingly different. Age, looks, occupation or wealth are not considered as important as having a good soul. To eastern european girls love, consideration and understanding are far more desirable attributes... and as a Western man the image they already carry of you gives you a considerable advantage.


I will personally help you find the russian lady of your dreams.


When we say that we offer Britain's most personal and flexible service, it is no exaggeration. Myself and Kevin personally do everything we can to ensure you meet the lady of your dreams. We're the people who answer your correspondence. We're the ones you speak to if you ever phone for help or advice. And because we do it all ourselves we can be as flexible as we like, tailoring our service to suit the different requirements of individual clients.


Similarly, as we mentioned, we do not sell pre-printed mass-market catalogues or videos. My family in russia are in charge of the recruitment of all the ladies on our database which stands in excess of 3500.


They personally deal with each lady's application ensuring that the russian ladies you will be introduced to meet your every expectation.


Our personal service goes even further than that.


In addition to arranging introductions we can also assist you with a translation service (although you will find the majority of ladies on our books are well educated and have a good grasp of English) and we can arrange visits if you wish to go out and meet the ladies with whom you have been corresponding.


In fact, our service can be as flexible as you want it to be.


The best but not the most expensive


You'd perhaps expect that a service such as ours would be very expensive. But it isn't. Simply because we have retained our family business philosophy it means our overheads are not as high and so this is reflected in our fees.... which clients say are as attractive as our service!


To prove to yourself how successful our service is and how quickly you could meet and fall in love with the beautiful girl of your dreams, just complete our Joining Form today.


It could be the decision that changes your life!







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