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Let us be clear, although we are a British agency, over the years we have helped men from many different countries and backgrounds find their ideal partner. Men who are single, widowed and divorced, and from different social classes, ages, education and occupations have, with our help, all succeeded in meeting that one very special lady they had been looking for. And so there is no reason whatsoever why we cannot help you do the same.

Since 1997, we have helped people living in Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Malta, Australia and the USA all find their ideal partner.

We have helped, bus drivers, teachers, train drivers, property developers, accountants, management consultants, shop-fitters, labourers, tax inspectors, farmers, military men, students, estate agents, doctors, dentists, dustmen, and people from practically every other occupation you can think of. We have even helped people who are retired.

We have helped men aged from 20 to 73 who are single, widowed and divorced, those who have children and those who do not.

So we are confident that regardless of how old you are, what your occupation is, where you live, or even how much money you have, with our help, you will find the lady of your dreams.

These are just a tiny fraction of the 100's of men we have helped find true love and happiness –

Alan and Tatiana

Alan from South Wales was in his late 40’s when he joined. Ex-army and working as a gas meter reader, Alan was divorced and had his teenage son living with him. Alan was very angry and upset following his divorce and from that time had drifted in and out of many relationships. He had no difficulty in meeting women but every time a relationship seemed to be getting serious he ended it. Because, as he told us, ‘the unfaithfulness of his ex-wife had left him feeling bitter and unable to trust British women again’. Despite this he had a strong desire to remarry, only this time he wanted a ‘true partner’. A lady who would share his love, be faithful and family oriented. Within a few days of joining he looked at the profile of Tatiana and just knew she was the lady for him. After a few weeks of correspondence, and a couple of phone calls, they met, fell in love and were engaged. Their marriage followed soon after.

Peter and Svetlana

Peter in his early 50’s was originally from Manchester but following his divorce had moved down to London and started his own business. Being a successful businessman meant Peter had little time for dating. He joined our agency because he realized our personal approach would enable him to find a partner with the minimum of effort. It wasn't long before Peter was corresponding with Svetlana, a beautiful 30 year old lady from Samara. They met for the first time in London and Peter proposed marriage after just 3 days. As Peter told us ‘I was the happiest man in the world when she said yes.’ Peter and Svetlana were married and their love for each other is as strong today as it ever was.

Ian and Irene

Ian was one of our younger members. Aged in his early 20’s Ian join us because, as he said, has was ‘tired of the silly games British women seem to play.’ And I just want to meet a nice woman for a genuine and serious relationship.’ Ian decided to correspond with 3 ladies before he finally decided Irene was the one for him. He went over to Russia to meet her and they got on very well. More correspondence and telephone calls followed. Until, almost 2 years after first joining, Ian and Irene were married.

Dexter and Svetlana

Dexter, aged in his late 50's, is a successful property developer living in Euston, Texas. Having devoted his live to building up his business, still single, Dexter had not yet found that special lady he wanted to become his wife. He joined us because 'I like your personal and individual approach to matchmaking. This makes more sense to me than just buying addresses off the Net' From the many profiles of ladies presented to him, Dexter choose only one to correspond with. She turned out to be the ideal choice. After a brief correspondence, Dexter and Svetlana arranged to meet in Cyprus. Their love blossomed and it wasn't long before Svetlana flew over to Euston and they married.

Carl and Olga

Carl was in a quite unusual situation. Being only in his early 20's Carl was serving in the US forces and based over in Japan. With few opportunities to meet eligible ladies Carl was searching the internet for an agency when he saw the Olga Edwards web site. He joined and within days was corresponding with Olga, a beautiful 20 year old Russian lady living in Samara. On his next leave they met and the next we knew Olga was flying over to Japan where they married.

Frank and Galina

Frank, to date, is our eldest success. Aged in his 70's Frank had been a widower for over 2 years and was feeling very lonely. His children were all grown up and had families of their own. He told us how much he missed his wife and how much he wanted someone else to share the rest of his days with. We presented Frank with profiles of ladies and he picked Galina, a Russian lady who was also widowed and had grown up children. As Frank told us 'Galina and I get on famously. It's almost like we have known each other for years.' Frank was soon planning his trip to Russia where he and Galina spend Christmas and New Year together. Following that 'wonderful time in Russia' Frank made plans for Galina to join him in the UK, proposed to her within days of her arrival and they were soon married.

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