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We offer a professional, personal and flexible service that’s as individual as you are.

When it comes to finding a partner to share your life with nothing is more important than to be treated as an individual. After all we each have our own backgrounds, experience, hopes and dreams. And what one person finds attractive and appealing another does not.

Yet despite this need for individuality so many introduction agencies these days seem to rely solely on mass-produced catalogues and videos parading their members like joints of meat at the local market. There doesn’t seem to be anything individual or personal with this approach. And I am sure you will agree that there must be a better way of helping to bring people together than this.

Well this was exactly the way Kevin and I felt when we went through the process of finding each other. We found the whole process very generalized, impersonal and left a great deal to chance. This is why when we started Olga Edwards Introductions we wanted to offer people like you a much more individual and personal service. And a service that was quick, easy and affordable.

Let me tell you how our individual matchmaking service ensures you get off to the best possible start in the search for your perfect partner.

The first step we take in helping you to find your partner is to try and get to know you a little better, and to get a good idea of the characteristics you consider important in your ideal partner. We already know our ladies very well and the kind of man they are looking to meet. So once we have a good idea of who you are looking for we can begin selecting ladies especially for you.

Selecting ladies in such a personal and individual way is more time consuming than simply sending out a pre-printed catalogue or video but this personal and individual approach gives you the best possible starting point for making your selections. After all there is really no point in presenting you with details of ladies whom you will have no interest in or they no interest in you. Individually selecting ladies in this way also has the advantage that you only receive details of ladies who are still actively seeking a partner. So you can always be sure that the details of ladies you receive have an interest in meeting someone like you and are not already in a relationship with anyone else.

During your first month of membership we will provide you with 20 full profiles of containing photographs and bio-details of each lady. Of course we cannot guarantee you will like every one of the 20 ladies selected for you. Simply because beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and we cannot see through your eyes but we have been matchmaking for many years and know from past experience that you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of the ladies you will like from those carefully selected for you.

After you have received your first 20 profiles of ladies you may request additional profiles to be individually selected and sent to you at any time. We will provide you with up to 10 additional profiles of ladies each month on request. And because we currently have over 3500 ladies on our books, and with more ladies joining every month, you can be sure there will always be a constant supply of ladies available for you to choose from.

It is a sad fact of life that many relationships fail before they even start because of making a bad first impression. Our personal introduction service makes sure you can’t make any mistakes ensuring you have the best possible chance of obtaining a successful introduction to any lady you choose.

We know each of our ladies, and being a Russian lady myself, I know just what each lady wants to know about her prospective partner. And because we can approach her in her native language this makes things even easier and faster to obtain a positive introduction for you. So once you have received details of the ladies selected for you, simply choose those you like and let us know who they are. Then just sit back and let us do all the work in contacting the ladies and expertly do the initial introduction for you.

After we have completed the introductions, we will let you have the full contact details of the ladies who have agreed to go on and develop a relationship with you.

Of course a lady has the right to choose to agree to an introduction or not, so any introduction is not guaranteed. But because you may choose up to 5 ladies each month to be introduced to, you will have many opportunities for a successful introduction. And because each lady has been chosen because we know she is looking to meet someone like you and we can approach her in just the right way, you stand the best possible chance of success with any lady you choose.

We are always on hand to provide you with support, help and advice when you need it. So developing a meaningful relationship with any lady need not be a worry.

When Kevin and I were trying to develop our relationship there was no one available to provide a translation service or to give us any help or advice. Although we managed through, it would have been nice to have someone to rely on to translate the occasional letter or to call on from time to time. Maybe to give advice about travel, visas or just to talk about how things were going. We know from our own experience just how important support can be when developing a relationship. That’s why we are committed to providing you with all the help and advice you may require to develop your relationship.

Although most of our ladies do have knowledge of English, we know that translating letters is often a good idea. Because even if a lady is confident in her English skills, writing in another language does take much more time. Translation does help to speed up correspondence. It is also a good idea to translate letters that contain important information like travel details. That’s why we offer to translate letters from you and from your lady free of charge up to a total of 1000 words per month. Of course there is no compulsion to use this service but it is available to you and your lady if you need it.

Should you need help or advice you may contact us at any time by e-mail. We will also give you our private telephone number so you may call us to ask questions or just to talk and let us know how things are going. Over the years we have built up a lot of knowledge and information that we are freely willing to share with you.

All it takes is a few minutes to join and then sit back while we use all our knowledge and experience to ensure you find the lady of your dreams.

Because our service is based on individual matchmaking and personal introductions your chance of meeting the lady of your dreams is very high. And if you have read the basis on which we work you will realize that we actually do most of the work for you. Our service is therefore ideal for those who want success and want it with the minimum of effort. It can all happen much quicker than you think. Just imagine you could be developing your relationship with a beautiful Russian lady within a few weeks from now.

Why not prove to yourself just how quick and effective our service really is and complete our Joining Form today.

It could be the decision that changes your life!




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